Monday, February 6, 2012

Prediction: US War in Iran, Coming Soon

I predict with much regret that the United States will be involved in some sort of military action against Iran within the next year or two. In January 2012, US intelligence has been inspecting and analyzing Iran’s potential nuclear weapons program with help from the United Nation’s nuclear inspection team. Although the Iranian government has stated its nuclear exploration is for the purpose of energy production, US intelligence seems to be set on the idea that Iran is engaged in nuclear exploration for the purpose of acquiring a nuclear weapon, and is very close to doing so. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently stated that Iran could have a nuclear weapon within a year.  Also, US intelligence officials are reporting that Iran is considering attacks on American soil in the future, even though they have not yet acquired or developed a nuclear weapon. I have a feeling this is all propaganda created by US leaders that will inevitably lead to a military action against Iran.  

To anyone who has paid attention to recent history, it should be fairly obvious that the propaganda being spread by the US Government and major media outlets about Iran is very similar to the propaganda spread about Iraq prior to the US invasion in 2003. Leading up to the US led military action in Iraq, the Bush administration stated that Saddam Hussein was acquiring weapons of mass destruction, Iraq had connections to Al Qaeda, and how Saddam was an evil dictator who hated America and potentially threatened the United State’s security. Every single one of these talking points was used by the Bush administration as justification to invade Iraq, and now they are all being used as talking points to paint Iran as the up and coming villain. For those who doubt that statement, take into consideration that in December 2011 a Federal Court ruled that Iran was linked to the 9/11 attacks.

A US military intervention in Iran will not be a NATO supported mission like the recent actions in Libya. We will most likely hear cheers of support and even receive some form of aid from certain NATO member nations, but NATO will not come together in all out support of military actions against Iran. Instead, this war will be initiated by either the US or Israel, but will be fought by both. Israel has recently stated they would attack Iran if they have reason to believe their national security is threatened by a nuclear armed Iran. As being a top contributor to Israel’s military and a number one ally to Israel, the US government will send its full support behind Israel if Israel is the first to initiate force. However, if the US is the first to initiate force, Israel will still come out and fight side by side with the US.

Iran is a theocratic Muslim nation that is ruled by corrupt leaders such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Although this is the case, I do not believe a US/Israel led military action against Iran is necessary. I say this because I do not believe the current government claims about Iran being a threat US security. I do think it is important to keep watch over nations like Iran who are interested in developing nuclear weapons, but preemptive military force against Iran when facts do not prove it as a direct threat to the US is pure insanity. I truly hope I am wrong in this prediction and that diplomatic actions are attempted and succeed in the end, but comparing recent trends to history makes a forecasted US military action against Iran seem inevitable. 

-Liberty Mike